"The Left Hand"

This shot may not have a strong composition, but I liked the color tone. Looks like a mid 1800's print.

Date Taken: January 29, 2005 06:05 PM

1 Eliacin says: (01/31/05 17:03)

Magnifico sentido de campo de profundidad. Excelente foto.

2 Benny says: (02/ 4/05 18:43)

wow!! thats the first thing that i thought when i saw this show. who cares about the composition when the tones and sharpness are so great!

3 Arne says: (02/15/05 21:00)

Great composition and tone

4 Bob D. says: (10/ 7/05 19:22)

Great shot! It makes me think about the years and accomplishments of person who's hand it is. B&W conveys much more emotion.

5 hartini says: (10/11/05 1:08)

The details caught my eye. Good shot! :)

6 honestyrain says: (12/28/05 18:25)

loved it

7 Triinu says: (01/ 8/06 6:36)

Great composition and b&w adds so much character to the picture. i couldn't keep me eyes from it for some time, really loved it :)